Radford Court

Outdoor Resources


ParksSand Point Magnuson Park
A 300 acre collection of all that a park could ever offer…. and you get to live next to it: trails, play fields, boat launch, beaches, off-leash dog park, tennis & basketball courts, playgrounds and picnic areas.

Burke-Gilman Trail
Prefer to bike, run or walk without traffic? Access to one of the Northwest’s greatest trails is at your doorstep. Take a quick trip to campus or ride all the way to a concert at Chateau Ste. Michelle or to watch the salmon leap at the Ballard locks.

University Village
What more could you ever want? Flex your chopsticks at Blue C Sushi, have your iPhone checked at the Genius Bar, find a Friday night outfit, and lose yourself for hours at Barnes & Noble. You’ll find all of this, groceries and more at U-Village, Seattle’s favorite shopping center.

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